About us

Welcome to Timmu’s Veterinary Clinic

Timmu’s Veterinary Clinic is part of the Veterinary Emergency Clinic. We are located in new facilities that are located in another wing of the building (next to Mustamäe tee), but we have the same address. The clinic has a new team led by Dr. Laura Talving, Dr. Kairi Lüüs, Dr. Triin Raamat ja Dr. Ain Starast

Who is Timmu? Timmu is a cute and furry, button-nosed German Shepherd, who is an inspiration to us.

Information about our pricing and services can be found here on our web page. You can also find interesting pictures and news.

Our services

Computed tomography

Imaging technology based on X-rays,but giving a significantly more detailed and multifaceted image.


Cats and dogs are spayed and neutered mainly to prevent unwanted litters and heat behaviour.


Animals are inoculated against most common viral infections, including the rabies.

PIT tagging

The microchip or PIT tag is implanted under the skin, using an applicator. PIT tagging is a quick and almost painless procedure.